Word option nằm ở đâu trong word 2003

Difference of Tools Menu between Word 2003, Word 2007 & Word 2010

There is not Tools menu in Word 2007 và 2010. All items in the Tools menu of Office 2003 have sầu been moved khổng lồ several tabs in Word 2007 & 2010. Perhaps they are difficult to find.

Classic menu for Word 2007 và 2010 brings bachồng the old menus & toolbars lớn Word 2007 & 2010. The screen shot is as following.

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Modified items in Classic Menu for Word 2007 và 2010 New Items Thesaurus… Translate Create Document Workspace Compare và Combine Add-Ins… COM Add-Ins… Controls XML Templates Deleted Items
Fix Broken Text… Speech Online Collaboration Customize…
Moved Items
Letters & Mailings
Renamed Items
Templates và Add-Ins Compare and Merge Documents…
Shared Workspace… Tracking Changes
Improved Items
Tracking Protect Document…

Tools Menu of Word 2003


Tools Menu of Classic Menu for Word 2007 và 2010




This is a new thành phầm in the Tools drop down menu of Word 2010. The new Thesaurus allows us to look up synonyms & antonyms; it will advice some words with similar meaning khổng lồ the selected word.


Translate is also a new thắng lợi in Word 2010. This thành công contains four sub-items: Translate Document, Translate Selected Text, Mini Translator, and Choose Translation Language…

By Translate Document", selected document will be sent over Internet và be translated by Microsoft Translator Service.

Create Document Workspace và Share Workspace

Create Document Workspace is a new item in the Word 2010, và it takes replace of Share Workspace which stays in the Tools drop down menu of Word 2003 originally.


Classic Menu in Word 2010 greatly enriches the functions of Traông xã Changes in Word 2003, and Classic Menu in Word 2010 renamed it with Tracking. In Word 2003, there is only one Trachồng Changes option, while in Word 2010, there are 8 options for Tracking as follow:

Track Changes

The first sub-cống phẩm, Traông chồng Changes, consists of three options: Tracking Changes, which will show you all changed content in current word document, such as deleted nội dung, moved ones, edited ones, & more; Change Tracking Options… will help us to lớn mix marking color, marking formats, such as adding underline, strikethroughs; Change User Name… will show the author who have changed this word document.



The second item, Balloons, will enable us to select how lớn show those reviews: Show Revisions in Balloons, Show All Revisions Inline, and Show Only Comments và Formatting in Balloons.


Display for Đánh Giá

Comparing to how to lớn show đánh giá, the job of Display for review is khổng lồ select which đánh giá will be shown: showing original or final word document, and contents with markup or not: Original, Original: Show Markup, & Final, Final: Show Markup.


Reviewing Pane

The job of Reviewing Pane is to view Reviews in a vertical pane or horizontal pane. In fact, we can also find this sản phẩm in View drop down thực đơn in Word 2010.



The Accept vật phẩm is separated inkhổng lồ four options: Accept & Move to Next, by which you can accept your believed changes one by one; Accept Change, Accept All Changes Shown, và Accept All Changes in Document.



Similar four option for this Reject chiến thắng as those for Accept vật phẩm.

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Previous và Next

Previous thành phầm is to lead us to view previous nhận xét in current word documents, so we can kiểm tra it before deciding lớn accept or reject it. The Next thành công is lớn lead us khổng lồ view next review.

Compare_Combine and Compare & Merge Documents…

Actually there is no functional difference between Compare_Combine in Word 2010 and Compare và Merge Documents… in Word 2003. But the Classic Menu in Word 2010 divides Compare and Merge Documents... into lớn two: Compare two versions of a word document, và Combine revisions from multiple authors inlớn one word document.


Protect Document…

Comparing to the Protect Document in Word 2003, the functions of Protect Document… in Word 2010 are much richer. There are 6 new sub-items for Protect Document… in Word 2010: Mark as Final, Encrypt Document, Restrict Permission, Blochồng Authors, & Add a digital Signature.


Add-Ins…, COM Add-Ins…, XML, Templates, & Templates và Add-ins Add-Ins

The Add-Ins… in Word 2010 is completely same as Templates and Add-ins in Word 2003, except their name. Both can open a Templates & Add-ins Window.

Com Add-Ins

COM Add-Ins… is new in Tools menu of Word 2010, and its job is lớn manage the available Com Add-ins.


XML is also a new one in Word 2010. It is added to lớn manage XML add-ins, & it consists of 4 options: Structure, Schema, Transformation, và Expansion Packs.

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Templates is new one in Word 2010, too. Two options are arranged for it: Document Template and Document Panel. Document Template is to view and change attached document templates, & manage global templates & add-ins. Document Panel is khổng lồ specify a type of document information panel template to lớn be shown in Microsoft Office compatible programs.



This is a new nhà cửa in the Tools thực đơn of Word 2010. Its job is lớn insert all kinds of controls, such as text nội dung control, picture content control, & more. It is divided inlớn 11 branches:


Design Mode; Properties; Group; Rich Text Content Control; Plain Text Content Control; Picture Content Control; Combo Box Content Control; drop down List Content Control; Date Picker Content Control; Building Bloông chồng Gallery Content Control; Legacy Tools

Fix broken Text…, Speed, Online Collaboration, và Letters & Mailings

Fix Broken Text is a very powerful feature but disappears in Word 2010. However, Word 2010 will bring bachồng and recover automatically lost document when we open that document again if the editing document is lost or broken caused by some special aspects, such as power off without saving. The Word 2010 is so powerful that it can protect & restore our document automatically. So we vì not need to worry about this powerful feature.


Apart from these lost items, there are still some items disappearing: Speech, Online Collaboration, và Letters và Mailings. By the way, most functions of Letters và Mailings are collected in new Mailings drop down thực đơn in Word 2010.


This may be the most great different from that in classic thực đơn of Word 2003. Word 2003 supports customizing buttons and toolbars. We are able lớn create our own buttons or items according lớn our own needs. However, Word 2010 only supports very easy customization. So this customize items is taken away from Tools menu danh sách in Word 2010.

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