William Kamkwamba: Tôi Đã Sử Dụng Gió Như Thế Nào

Tại tuổi 14, vào chình ảnh nghèo nàn với không được đầy đủ, một con trai trai Malawi (một nước hết sức nhỏ dại nghỉ ngơi Châu Phi) đang xây hình thành một "cối xay gió" để cung cấp điện cho cả đơn vị anh ấy. Bây giờ ở tuổi 22 (năm 2009), William Kamkwamka, bạn diễn thuyết trên TED, đấy là lần thứ hai, nói cho chúng ta mẩu truyện về sáng tạo đã đổi khác cuộc sống của anh ý.

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William Kamkwamba - InventorTo power his family"s home page, young William Kamkwambố built an electricity-producing windmill from spare parts and scrap -- starting hlặng on a journey detailed in the book và film "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind." Full bio
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ABOUT THE SPEAKERWilliam Kamkwamba - InventorTo power his family"s trang chủ, young William Kamkwambố built an electricity-producing windmill from spare parts and scrap -- starting hlặng on a journey detailed in the book & film "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind."Why you should listen

William Kamkwamtía, from Malawi, is a born inventor. When he was 14, he built an electricity-producing windmill from spare parts & scrap, working from rough plans he found in a library book called Using Energy and modifying them khổng lồ fit his needs. The windmill he built powers four lights and two radios in his family home page.

After reading about Kamkwambố on Mike McKay's blog Hactivate (which picked up the story from a local Malawi newspaper), TEDGlobal Conference Director Emeka Okafor spent several weeks tracking hyên ổn down at his trang chính in Masitala Village, Wimbe, và invited hlặng to attkết thúc TEDGlobal on a fellowship. Onstage, Kamkwamcha talked about his invention & shared his dreams: to lớn build a larger windmill to lớn help with irrigation for his entire village, and khổng lồ go bachồng khổng lồ school.

Following Kamkwamba's moving talk, there was an outpouring of support for hlặng và his promising work. Members of the TED community got together khổng lồ help hyên ổn improve his power system (by incorporating solar energy), & further his education through school and mentorships. Subsequent projects have included clean water, malaria prevention, solar power & lighting for the six homes in his family compound; a deep-water well with a solar-powered pump for clean water; & a drip irrigation system. Kamkwamtía himself returned to school, & is now attending the African Leadership Academy, a new pan-African prep school outside Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kamkwamba's story is documented in his autobiography, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electriđô thị and Hope. A documentary about Kamkwamcha, called William và the Windmill, won the Documentary Feature Grand Jury award at SXSW in 2013 (watch a trailer ). You can support his work & other young inventors at MovingWindmills.org.

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