Transportation là gì

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a system of vehicles, for example buses, trains, & aircraft, for getting from one place lớn another:
Future economic growth may be damaged by the failure of the Treasury khổng lồ invest in the UK"s transport infrastructure.

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a form/means/mode of transport In recent years, there has been an enormous increase in air traffic và other forms of transport.
the transport of sth Security measures surrounding the transport of export-bound oil have sầu been heightened in the wake of the recent disaster.

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be transported to/from/by Natural gas can be frozen & liquefied, allowing it khổng lồ be transported to regions lacking in supplies.
Such situations require fundamental knowledge of these interactions as a possible cause of anomalous transport phenomemãng cầu in magnetized plasmas.
It has been found that radiation transport plays an essential role at stagnation phase, determining the final distribution of density and temperature.
Ultrasonography offers excellent spatial resolution, portability, và lachồng of ionizing radiation and the need for transport.
In order lớn calculate the hyperbolic part of the equations we took one of the algorithms of the flux corrected transport <36>.
lưu ý that the influence of the small drift velođô thị is also important for the analysis of transport in systems with intrinsic trapping <28-30>.
A large statistical database has been obtained which provides considerable insight lớn the structural and transport properties of thermally stratified turbulence.
Granulocyte-macrophage colonystimulating factor promotes glucose transport và blastomere viability in murine preimplantation embryos.
A conventional maps will always remain a useful reference tool & the spoken word has the power to lớn transport the listener to another world.
They are usually accompanied by relatively low pressure at their centres, và are a major source of momentum transport towards the walls.





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