Time lag là gì

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We expect to see increases in profitable returns from our overseas investments with a time lag of two to three years.

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a time lag between There is always a time lag between a loss of competitiveness and what shows up in export figures.
a time lag in (doing) sth Because of the time lag in convening the meeting, shares were suspended for a full day.
In real world cases of economic integration, there may be a significant time lag before firms relocate in response to lớn such changes.
Sometimes in analyzing contemporary events the time lag between the completion of the work và its publication makes an important difference.
This may indicate that much of the difference in retrieval must be due lớn time lag và indexing practices.
This time lag eliminated the coder"s awareness of individual children"s original attachment classifications.
The probability of being susceptible was assessed immediately after the time lag f between vaccination và onmix of immunity had expired.
Institutional analyses often allow for a considerable time lag between institutional change và its impact on policy.
To measure democracy"s effect on the stochồng of human capital, we need lớn allow for a significant time lag.
An increasing time lag between maximum leaf fall và leaf flush was observed in the order evergreen, brevi-deciduous, deciduous & stem-succulent.
This does little to lớn reduce the time lag between apparent exit from the lungs and apparent arrival in the hepatic portal system.
Since the manipulator has integrating properties, it has been modeled as a time lag element with integration.
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an ancient story or set of stories, especially explaining the early history of a group of people or about natural events & facts

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