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A:it"s an adjective that refers khổng lồ something that is complete và pays special attention khổng lồ detail.Feel không tính phí lớn join our English/Spanish language exchange on WhatsApp.https://chat.whatstiện í

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A:“The detective made a thorough investigation of the scene of the crime.”“Employees need lớn be sure khổng lồ wash their hands thoroughly before returning khổng lồ work.”“Mozart was definitely a thorough musician and composer of his time.”
A:Thorough is not a word I would use very often as a native sầu English speaker, but here are some fairly comtháng example uses of it:"She has a thorough understanding of Biology""The doctor carried out a thorough examination""It was a thorough analysis of the book"Hope this helps!
A:"I ate even though I was not hungry". "I drove sầu through the tunnel". "He was very thorough in his search". "I looked throughout the house for my keys but couldn"t find them"
A: thoroughgoing is something that’s complete; with great attention lớn detail. thorough is khổng lồ be really careful not to lớn miss or omit any details

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A:“Through” can mean movement or it can mean you are done with something. “Thorough” means you are very meticulous with something. You’ve put a lot of attention inlớn detail. “I walked through mud và ruined my shoes today!”“He was thorough with his work và did an excellent job”“Are you through with your food?”“She did a thorough cleaning of the house today.”
A:THROUGH = going in something and coming out on the other side; whether that be literally or figuratively. Ex) he persevered through the pain.Ex.) The teacher went through the lesson very quickly todayTHROUGHOUT = similar to through but it is more of a collectivization of time , duration, and locationEx.) The boy cried all throughout the program.Ex.) we looked throughout the school to find a pencil.(you could also say we looked THROUGH the school both of those words are very similar)ALTHOUGH = used to describe situations in relation to lớn other eventsEx.) Although it is raining outside we can still find something to lớn bởi indoors.Ex.) Although we are friends we bởi vì not have sầu khổng lồ have all the same interests.THOROUGH = clear, detailed ; everything is explainedEx.) Her presentation was very thorough because she explained each topic.Ex.) her instructions were not very thorough so I vị not completely understvà what I am supposed to lớn vì.these are kind of hard lớn explain so I hope this helps và I didn"t just confuse you more :)
A:Through is an action "I went through the house" Thorough is an adjective "His job was very thorough"Through is a noun "The pigs food was in the trough"

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A:Trough is an object, through is a preposition, & thorough is an adjective:The horses eat from the trough.We go through the tunnel.Her work was very thorough & she did not make mistakes.

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