Squeeze là gì

khổng lồ press something firmly, especially from all sides in order khổng lồ change its shape, reduce its kích thước, or remove liquid from it:
As she waited lớn go into the exam, he squeezed her h& (= pressed it affectionately with his hand) and wished her good luông xã.

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figurative The studio is using all sorts of marketing tricks lớn squeeze as much profit from the movie as they can.

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a period in which the supply of money is limited by the government because of economic difficulties:
squeeze supplies/exports European exports have sầu been squeezed by the cheap dollar và equally cheap Chinese yuan.

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a squeeze on sth A squeeze on earnings is expected khổng lồ be highlighted in official labour market figures this week.
put a/the squeeze on sb/sth Competition from discount operations is putting the squeeze on mid-market chains.
a squeeze in margins/markets/profits A squeeze in the global credit market has forced the company to lớn scrap plans lớn sell its US drinks division.

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feel/face a squeeze A series of reports last week suggests that financial institutions will feel the squeeze on their balance sheets well inlớn next year.
During compression the fabric structure deforms & the water is squeezed out of the paper và the fabric.
Region 4 is unsaturated, and its only role is to lớn allow air to re-enter the gaps left by the water that has been squeezed out.
Without really challenging hierarchy they still squeezed concessions out of village leaders, turning a weakness into lớn strength.
In both of them, the author squeezes as much material, as many facts, as he can from his meagre sources.
As the boom collapsed, jobbers found themselves squeezed between the demands of the millowners & the resistance of the workers.





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