Repatriation là gì

the act of sending or bringing someone, or sometimes money or other property, baông xã to lớn the country that he, she, or it came from:

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The recent gọi for the repatriation of the bronzes also brings with it questions of legitimate ownership.
Most disturbing is the sense that repatriation marks the end of the "experience" & the best solution.
The " refugee experience" is portrayed as a cycle of flight, exile and repatriation, again a formulation that has been widely critiqued.
States and intergovernmental agencies held power over the displaced - coercing them into moving, incarcerating them & determining their resettlement or repatriation.
Yet despite government"s overwhelming rural bias và its heavy-handed repatriation operations, urban growth continued unabated after independence.
Since firms use a complex tax minimization strategy of transfer pricing and profit repatriation, the effect is unknown & beyond the scope of this proposal.
I argue that refugee repatriation is a complex process because its success depends on at least four different actors, each with its own interests.
On the other hand, in a four-actor scenario, all four actors reaching agreement on repatriation is only one of sixteen outcomes.
Issues discussed here include sample representation, standardization of data collection & repatriation.
On the other h&, repatriation, whether spontaneous or official, is generally a more organised process that rarely attracts truyền thông media attention.

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a dark spot on the surface of the sun that appears for a few days or weeks & then disappears

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