Negligible là gì

synonyms: trichristmasloaded.comal trifling insignificant unimportant minor inconsequential minimal small slight inappreciable infinitesimal nugatory petty paltry inadequate insufficient meager pitiful minuscule piddling measly de minimis exiguous
Dưới đây là những mẫu mã câu gồm chứa từ "negligible", trong bộ từ điển trường đoản cú điển tiếng Anh. Chúng ta có thể tham khảo phần đa mẫu câu này để tại vị câu trong trường hợp cần đặt câu với từ negligible, hoặc xem thêm ngữ cảnh thực hiện từ negligible trong cỗ từ điển tự điển tiếng Anh

1. The risks were represented as negligible.

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2. His knowledge of English is negligible.

3. Qua literature the work is negligible.

4. The difference in cost would be negligible.

5. Without the topsoil, water retention is negligible.

6. My knowledge of German is negligible.

7. Material damage to lớn the ship was negligible.

8. The damage to lớn my car is negligible.

9. Losses in trade this year were negligible.

10. The damage done lớn his property was negligible.

11. The difference between the two products is negligible.

12. 4 Without the topsoil, water retention is negligible.

13. He is a negligible person in the government.

14. The pay that the soldiers received was negligible.

15. 1 Material damage to lớn the ship was negligible.

16. Atropine has negligible effects on the human uterus.

17. The amount going to charter schools is negligible.

18. The cost of maintaining the machine is negligible.

19. Delays in the courts are far from negligible.

20. Adjustment costs, as studied by UNCTAD, were not negligible

21. At small levels of chemical output, pollution is negligible.

22. The difference between your wages and mine is negligible.

23. All that I gave was likely lớn consider as negligible.

24. According to lớn Scrooge McDuck theorists, such problems are negligible irritants.

25. Cells with hydroperiods less than 6 months accumulated negligible fish biomass.

26. Hereinto, the management of receivable accounts is not a negligible part.

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27. 1 The company says the cost of relocation will be negligible.

28. Maybe effrontery would dismiss him as too negligible to lớn pursue.

29. The balance was carbonaceous fraction , the nonflammable inorganic fraction was negligible.

30. The company says the cost of relocation will be negligible.

31. For a solid, the distinction between the two is usually negligible.

32. On the scales of eternity our life span is a negligible speck.

33. There was a negligible amount of rain in that region last year.

34. He refers lớn this approach as strategies for engineered negligible senescence ( SENS ).

35. Moreover, our contribution to lớn the stock of carbon dioxide is negligible.

36. The chances of a healthy adult contracting the disease are negligible.

37. There is a negligible difference in meaning between these two words.

38. But as a one-man band, his overheads were similarly negligible.

39. Motions are assumed to be small so that acceleration terms are negligible.

40. Olive oil slightly decreased the PhlP formation, but it was nearly negligible.

41. Olive oil slightly decreased the PhIP formation, but it was nearly negligible.

42. A conventional style of drichristmasloaded.comng will, however, lead lớn a negligible extra load.

43. A clear moire pattern is obtained only when the mã sản phẩm is negligible.

44. 6 This correction is usually negligible for the most marriageable age groups.

45. The resistance of an inductor is so small that it is negligible.

46. Senior managers are conchristmasloaded.comnced that the strike will have a negligible impact.

47. It seems the additional expense of producing the decals would be negligible.


49. In ocean waves, surface tension effects are negligible for wavelengths above a few decimetres.

50. Yet, Greene is emphatic that if there is any illegal dumping, it is negligible.