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Likely & unlikely are adjectives.

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We use them to say that something will probably happen or not happen in the future. We can use them before a noun, or with the verbs be, seem và appear: …

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Their youth means that they are likely khổng lồ be present in the human population in an “unfixed” (heterozygous) state & in a relatively small population. Determination of which positions are likely lớn be disease associated is a challenging và important problem. These examples are from corpora & from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples vày not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors. While strong periodicities from random records are unlikely, the presence of weaker pseudoperiodicity in a noisy signal is more likely.

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Based on the consistency và the rate of independent confirmation, many of the genes listed in the tables are likely to be true positives. In this case it is likely that the sensitivity of our assay permits the detection of homing products. If the corroborating evidence is strong và the risk is low, the data are more likely to be considered sufficiently reliable for your purposes. Furthermore, based on previous experience, some of these patients are likely to lớn harbor acquired point mutations in the target kinase that confer resistance.

Previous research reports that physicians are more likely khổng lồ diagnose hyperlipidemia if laboratory reports show abnormal lipid levels. As such, an organization”s success in managing security-related efforts is likely lớn hinge on its overall ability to lớn manage its use of information technology. In their reception of a play, characters of major importance whose dress was not likely to lớn be emulated by readers disappear entirely.




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