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the act of following or searching for someone or something, in order khổng lồ catch or attaông chồng the person or thing:
The Declaration of Independence states that life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness are basic human rights.
The tests were carried out as the last of a battery of eye-movement tasks, including smooth pursuit và prosaccade tasks.
If, however, pursuit và perception have different motion-integration pathways, the pursuit response to lớn image motion will not be tightly correlated with perceptual coherence.
Precision of the motion direction signals underlying pursuit eye-movements and perception in humans.
If solo practitioners have more time than patients, pursuit of income might lead them to perform unnecessary services.
Furthermore, even for scholars who are dubious about the prospects for generalization or uninterested in its pursuit, theoretical explorations of historical causation remain important.
The pursuit of this goal has to lớn be constrained, though: aước ao the constraints are ontological, pragmatic, and epistemological considerations.
At this stage of the argument, we should turn our attention khổng lồ the epistemological strife accompanying the professional pursuit of charismatic authority.
Unlike nursing, for example, career structures for doctors have sầu long supported the simultaneous pursuit of academic retìm kiếm activity alongside practice.
Realists emphakích thước new or continuing security concerns, và prescribe unilateral action và the deployment of traditional power politics in the pursuit of state interests.
They were thus incompatible with politeness, which was allied with the metropolirã and cosmopolichảy & the pursuit of a general culture.
Such creatures would be " perfectly reasonable " in the sense that they could never be weak-willed in their pursuit of the good.
As development advances, it will naturally intersect to an increasing degree with efforts in the pursuit of "virtual reality".
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The inquiry inkhổng lồ an emerging "regional" architecture can co-exist as both an academic pursuit and a quest of practice.
It is not the case that a good life is one in which people must be constantly engaged in the active pursuit of goals.

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In addition, the aggressive pursuit of trade liberalisation by the military government after 1976 led lớn a sharp contraction of the industrial labour force.
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