Lecture là gì

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lecture /”lektʃə/ danh từ bài diễn thuyết; bài lên lớp; bài thuyết trình; bài nói chuyện lời la mắng, lời quở tráchto read (give) someone a lecture: quở trách ai; lên lớp cho ai động từ diễn thuyết, thuyết trình la mắng, quở trách; lên lớp (ai)Lĩnh vực: toán & tinbài giảnglecture callhội nghị đơn phươnglecture hallđại giảng đườnglecture roomgiảng đườnglecture roomphòng diễn thuyếtlecture roomphòng giảng bàilecture roomphòng học




Từ điển Collocation

lecture noun

1 talk given to a group of people


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fascinating, interesting | boring | formal | illustrated | impromptu | guest A two-day event of guest lectures, seminars and workshops. | popular, public | annual | inaugural, introductory Professor Pearson gave the inaugural lecture in the new lecture theatre. | keynote, plenary | memorial

QUANT. course, programme, series

VERB + LECTURE deliver, give, present | hold, put on The society is putting on a series of lectures on the subject next term. | attend, go to, hear (formal), listen to | miss, skip | prepare, write

LECTURE + NOUN course, programme, series | hall, room, theatre | notes | tour | circuit a familiar figure on the international lecture circuit

PREP. at a/the ~ She wasn”t at the lecture.

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| during a/the ~ The fire bell went during his lecture. | in a/the ~ She referred to Professor Jones”s work in her lecture on Shakespeare”s imagery. | ~ by a lecture by Professor Snow | ~ about/on, ~ to a lecture to the Darwin Society

PHRASES a lecture entitled sth a lecture entitled ‘How to Prevent Food Poisoning’ | a lecture on the subject of sth

2 serious talk to sb about their behaviour

ADJ. little, long | severe, stern

VERB + LECTURE give sb, read sb She read me a stern lecture on ingratitude. | get I got a lecture from Dad about coming home on time. | take

PREP. ~ about/on I don”t take lectures from anyone on how to behave. | ~ from

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

lectures|lectured|lecturingsyn.: address discourse recitation sermon speech talk