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Especially in the spring, plant pollen is an irritant that makes the eyes and throat itchy and can cause breathing problems.
Whether cosmetics and toiletries normally used by the patient should be considered as chemical irritants is a matter for debate.
The author discusses both forms, pointing out that recognition and avoidance of irritants or allergens is an essential part of treatment.
A new president would remove sầu all of the irritants & phối the country bachồng on course toward a liberal democratic utopia.
Inflammation is another internal defence mechanism và is a reaction of living tissue lớn infection, injury and irritants.
Clinical experience và anecdotal evidence suggest strongly that mechanical, chemical, & thermal irritants exacerbate radiation induced skin changes.
If this were the case, it couples into lớn a growing body toàn thân of evidence that links cancer initiation to lớn continuous inflammatory responses caused by chronic infections or irritants.
The altered patterns of eczema in elderly people are not well documented but limited work has suggested that reactions to lớn allergens and irritants and, indeed, the inflammatory process are altered.
Almost inevitably, however, day-to-day irritants và culturally blinkered judgements by both sides aggravated the tensions between the two countries even before policy decisions became the source of more substantive sầu disputes.
One of these involves using the hind leg to lớn scratch an area of skin khổng lồ which an irritant has been applied.
As sludges dry in the field, lime & other irritant chemicals become concentrated &, therefore, may be more irritating upon dermal tương tác và inhalation.
A long-term irritant to the police has been the ongoing allegation that some officers have sầu been closely connected with freemasonry.

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Accordingly, an experiment was made employing the odour of fowl faeces which could not possess any general irritant properties.
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lớn put flour, sugar, etc. through a sieve sầu (= wire net shaped lượt thích a bowl) lớn break up large pieces

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