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Cook time will vary from 5–10 minutes for instant grits to around 45 minutes for the coarser grinds.
If you grind two sets of objects, you press & rub them together in a way that makes an unpleasant noise:
The perforated disks were created by reworking a potsherd into lớn a circular size by chipping, drilling, & then grinding the edges khổng lồ a smooth finish.
Samples from the normal smooth surface of the gneiss boulder show that the surface has been ground và polished during glacial transportation.
The soil was gently ground, passed through a 2-milimet sieve sầu and completely mixed prior to being placed in pots.
The tissue was dried by grinding with anhydrous sodium sulfate and extracted with several volumes of hexane khổng lồ remove carotenoids, retinols, & retinyl esters.
Where the standards were unclear, gover nment officials faced the dilemma of how lớn ground the political justification for authoritative direction of private voluntary relationships.
The key to lớn the answer lies in whether it is judged appropriate lớn ground primal faith on the quadriplegic nature of divine activity.
Instead, this analysis aims at characterizing the nature of grinding activities in larger par ts of the đô thị.

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Both features favor long, extended grinding strokes instead of the shor t, downward crushing strokes of less intensive grinding.
The latter manos vary considerably, being too small, too large, or too irregularly shaped for grinding large amounts of maize on a daily basis.
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a device that uses lenses khổng lồ make very small objects look larger, so that they can be scientifically examined and studied

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