Gondola là gì

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a long, narrow boat with a flat bottom và raised points at both ends, moved along by a person with a pole at the baông xã end
Larger ski areas may use gondolas or aerial trams for transportation across longer distances within the ski area.
In the castle you"ll find one of the biggest rides in the park - a roller coaster with spinning gondolas.
Witnesses say that one of the gondolas clipped the ground, causing the central column to lớn break off its axis.
Labor-saving devices in those days consisted primarily of wheelbarrows, horse or mule pulled carts, và a few railroad pulled gondolas.
Once the supply of parts ran out, the company manufactured various aircraft components including radtiện ích ios & dirgible gondolas.
In the canopy, a crane operator controlled t he position o f t he crane gondola, from which collections were made.
Initially there was no seating in the cattle cars or open gondolas; most of the passengers were to lớn remain standing the entire trip.
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a family unit that includes grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, và uncles, etc. in addition lớn parents và children

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