Give Rise To Là Gì

give rise to

be the cause of something The problems with the heating system gave rise to a lot of other problems that we had to lớn solve.

give rise to|give|rise


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Phr. Lớn be the reason for; cause. A branch floating in the water gave rise lớn Columbus" hopes that land was near. John"s đen eye gave rise lớn rumors that he had been in a fight.

give rise khổng lồ (something)

To trigger or cause the genesis or growth of something.

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The technological advances gave rise khổng lồ the Industrial Revolution. If left untreated, the infection can give rise to lớn a number of other complications.Learn more: give, rise

give rise to something

to cause something; lớn instigate something. The attack gave rise to endless arguments. Her ludicrous living gave rise khổng lồ further speculation as to the source of her money.Learn more: give, rise

give rise to

be the cause of.Learn more: give, rise

give rise to

to be the cause or origin of; bring about.Learn more: give, riseLearn more:Dictionary
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