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Institutional funds may need expensive computer systems for administration, accounting, and reporting requirements.
Local finance is too expensive under structural adjustment to make agricultural sale profitable.
Staff time is both valuable and expensive và a more economic model of assessment procedures could be developed.
They are also less expensive & thus should be preferred for first-step t reatment in older patients.
Aggregating at this màn chơi might be empirically difficult or expensive, but makes sense theoretically.
For instance, a person with very extensive care needs is usually referred to institutional care because home-care would be much more expensive.
Thus, an experienced, talented embroiderer working on the panels for elaborate, expensive dresses could expect to earn, at most, slightly less than £80 per year.
The virtual nature of a computer-based training simulation enables training to be accomplished without risking damage to man or in most cases to lớn expensive equipment.
Moreover, the method is easily available in the laboratory, less expensive & user-friendly for guiding physicians to lớn the proper treatment of typhoid fever.
All would provide federal financial assistance khổng lồ the uninsured (based on income) khổng lồ make the cost of care less expensive.
Furthermore, more expressive languages may be too computationally expensive to use automated reasoning technology.
Finally, we have shown that highly expressed proteins tend khổng lồ use energetically less expensive amino acids.
Any alterations at proof stage, apart from the correction of printer"s misprints, are expensive & must be avoided.

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Whatever their merits và promise, these physiologically-based techniques are more complex, và in many instances considerably more expensive to lớn use, than verbal response alone.
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to protect someone or something & provide the things they need, especially someone who is young, old, or ill

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