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defer action/a decision The committee decided khổng lồ defer a decision on the takeover bid until a later date.
All of this literature stresses the need for households to lớn defer their individual interests khổng lồ improve forest productivity và enhance the long-term community interest.
A lack of data has forced this research to lớn defer any examination of the types of investments into lớn which funds are placed.
The culture of medical education requires that physicians in training defer to supervising physician on a variety of issues, including clinical judgment và ethical standards.
Judges defer lớn legislators when the will of the latter is clearly expressed in statutes that have been enacted in the procedurally correct way.
Indeed, serious disruption of the musical texture is unusual: melismas have sầu the power lớn defer a cadence, sometimes considerably, but they can never prsự kiện one.
Yet, even when one view surfaces as authoritative sầu, individual rabbis or layman will often defer lớn their local authority, whose position is considered decisive sầu.
It may be appropriate to lớn defer more definitive sầu palliation in some patients until an age when objective sầu measures of functional capađô thị can be performed.
Professions might have sầu either more or less autonomy, depending on the extent to which the courts are willing khổng lồ defer lớn the profession.
We defer the discussion of these cases to lớn section 4.7, where we will consider a number of other problems as well.
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