11Bgn Mixed La Gi:so Sánh Wifi Chuẩn N Và G

What is the best or fastest option? My tplink router gives me the option to run in these modes:

for 2.4 GHz:

11b only

11g only

11n only

11bg mixed

11bgn mixed

For 5 GHz:

11a only

11n only

11an mixed



I would suggest 11n only for 5GHz and 11bgn mixed for 2.4GHz.

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You can run your laptop or w/e on 5GHz, and when someone comes over with an older iPhone or whathaveyou they can still get on the mixed mode 2.4GHz network.

I've had this setup in my home for 5 years or so.

Check if everything you want to connect to the wireless router is wireless n (draft 802.11n) compatible. If so, just set it to n. If not, you have to put it on mixed otherwise that device can't connect.

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thanks! that was the obvious method I was about to use and then I thought what if a friend comes over and they have a g wireless card?

I suppose that is far fetched, isn't it? I mean that is very old tech

To be clear, depending on the number of antennas (and possibly software/firmware) you have, running in mixed mode, whenever a "slower a/b/g" device connects, every device on your wireless network may be required to connect the same speeds as the "slowest" device.

If you only have wireless N capable devices, it would be in your best interest to run in N-only mode, though it would depend on how often you want to connect your or your friends "non-N" devices to the network on whether it makes sense to keep it mixed or transmitting only at the optimum protocol for speed

every device on your wireless network may be required to connect the same speeds as the "slowest" device.

From what I can tell, this isn't true, except in the case of 802.11b devices (which all but don't exist anymore). Both g and n devices will perform at their maximum when a router is set to mixed mode. Wireless b devices will tend to slow the network down, but not down to 802.11b speeds.

what is the difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz? Apparently I can set the 2.4 GHz to "11bgn" and the 5 GHz at "11an mixed"

I can't find any clear explanation of the difference between the two spectrums. Can anyone explain it like I'm five?


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