Katy Perry is Recording a Christmas Song

Katy Perry’s hinted that she’s recording a Christmas song and/or actual entire Christmas album, because literally what else would she be doing in the middle of August?

Chucking a really-rather-terrifying video straight from the studio on Instagram accompanied by, obviously, a couple of Christmas tree emojis, our K-Pez said that her ‘derp squad’ have written a Christmas song and we’re so ready for it. Despite the fact there are still 134 days and counting ’til Christmas Day. But whatever.

Like, we listened to Justin Bieber’s Under the Mistletoe in June. This isn’t an issue.

The world’s most terrifying gingerbread men (we think they’re gingerbread men) have been hanging out in the studio (no idea if one of them’s actually Katy Perry or nah) working on said festive tune, with her saying: “When your derp squad writes a Christmas song in August.”

We’re currently trying to think of some kind of KP-based Christmas pun but it’s actually really difficult. Best we’ve come up with so far is ‘she’s got the mince pie of the tiger,’ but that’s shit so any suggestions are welcome.

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