7 Reasons Why Christmas Is The Best Holiday

 Christmas Is The Best Holiday

There are lots of holidays every year that we all look forward to celebrating, arguably, Christmas holiday is just so special and exceptional. Although everyone has a preference about what they perceive as  the best holiday based on different reasons. In this post, we will give you reasons why we feel Christmas is the best holiday.

  1. It is the best season to see the whole family

If you see your extended family members once in a blue moon, then you’ll agree with us that Christmas is the best time to see them. It gives you time to see your uncles, aunts, grandparents and cousins that you’ve not seen in a very long time.

  1. It is a season to expect presents

Who doesn’t love being given presents? We all look forward to these. It’s an exciting feeling waking up to a tree filled with presents. However, don’t forget to give others presents also.

  1. It is the period of nicely-cooked meals

Sharing a meal of home cooked turkey or ham with family members makes Christmas holiday a lot better than other holidays.

  1. It is stress free

The Christmas period is the best holiday to relieve yourself of the stress associated with the ups and downs of the year. You can relax from the stress of the year by watching Christmas movies with families and friends.

  1. It falls in the last month of the year

The fact that Christmas falls in the last month of the year makes it so special. This makes you to see it as a means to celebrate all the accumulated joy in the year. The fact that it is in the last month of the year gives people a whole year to save for the holiday.

  1. It is very colorful

Christmas is by far the most colorful festival. The Christmas decorations are very colorful and bright and are capable of lifting your spirit. The colorful ornaments and lights can make you happy and joyful.

  1. It knows no religious bounds

Christmas preaches a universal message which is love. It is a holiday that accommodates everyone irrespective of their religious beliefs. Celebrating Christmas with friends and families with faith different from yours makes this holiday interesting.

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